Video interviews & stories

Could video interviews be a benefit to your business or charity?

We’ve helped and advised some clients to present aspects of their work and their organisations.

Here are a few videos showing some short interviews. We come up with the ideas, based on the staff and the kinds of work that they do, and the stories that they have to share.

Some of the staff are ‘naturals’, some aren’t, but have great stories to tell, and we love helping them to get their stories recorded. We try to keep the interviews and stories as authentic and natural as possible.

People often tell us that they wouldn’t know what to say, or that they wouldn’t be very good at doing a video, but when we ask them about their work, they talk so eloquently and knowledgeably, and with a quiet passion for the job that they do and the people that they serve. It’s then that we persuade them that they would be great advocates for their business, their service or charity.

In this video about cooking and nutrition for residents at a care home in Bury, Lancashire Edna interviewed Jackie the cook. We had a short chat about the things that we’d talk about, then off we went.